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1. Does water run though the pavers?

In a regular paver installation approximately 5% of water is absorbed by the pavers and the pavers joints, However our Permeable Paver application has closer to 100% of water funneling down below into a French drain like base.

(See Permeable Paving of this website for more details.)

2. How much more expensive are Pavers?

Price will depend on 3 major factors; access, material selection and the size of your project. As far as price vs. stamped concrete, history shows that Accu-Brick’s installed price to be VERY close and in many cases cheaper than stamped concrete prices. The biggest difference though is not the price rather the longevity and the quality between them. Pavers are basically a lifetime product looking the same year after year, where as any solid concrete product will start cracking and deteriorating sometimes as early as the day after installation. Stamped concrete is designed to look like pavers “the fake look”. Wouldn’t you rather have the “real deal”?

3. What kind of proof for resale?

There are many articles written about the financial benefits of using concrete pavers as your choice for paving.Most importantly the added curb appeal and WOW factor has a hard time being measured but speaks for itself. Just ask someone that has chosen pavers on their existing home.

4. What is the cheapest Paver?

All 60mm pavers are constructed to perform relatively the same. Generation 1 or non-tumbled 1 or 2 piece systems are priced lower by manufacturers.

5. Can we finance our project?

Yes, we have several programs available and we also accept all major credit cards. Please call us for further details.

6. How do I get started on a Design?

It is as easy as dialing our phone number. Accu-Brick has prided itself on timely responses and industry knowledge to get your project done on time and built to last. If you are overwhelmed about a design, we will take care of that also.

7. What are the benefits to using pavers around a pool?

The versatility of using pavers allows all cables and plumbing to easily be accessed without having to remove entire surface, they are cool on the feet and anti-slip. We can also install pavers as an overlay to your already cracked concrete or other dull surface. Pavers are highly resistant to wear and tear, they are white based so they do not become discolored and are in no way toxic. Simply put, pavers are a maintenance free, crack free alternative to concrete.

8. Can Pavers be installed on a steep grade?

Pavers can be used on almost every sloped area that concrete and asphalt can. A great benefit for paving with cobblestone pavers is that the joints on most patterns allow for better grip on most slopes.

9. Do Pavers promote weed growth?

Accu-Brick does not use organic materials as sub-base, which do not promote any vegetation growth from underneath the pavers.

10. Do I need to seal my pavers?

No, although it is beneficial service we offer, it is not a necessity. Color enhancements and protection from oil and gas stains are the main factors of seal coating. (See the Seal Coating section of this website for more details.)

What our customers are saying

“The planning and suggestions you helped with worked out perfectly. This patio has really ‘opened up’ our home and added a new level to our outdoor living. My only regret is that we didn’t have it built 10 years ago.”

- Angie from Myrtle Beach, SC

"It was so easy, we just called them and let them do the rest of the design, the construction to clean up. Your company are true professionals. After our driveway was completed, my husband loved it so much that he went and bought a smaller car, so that we could see more of our beautiful driveway. No kidding.”

- Jeff & Ginny from Mt. Pleasant, SC

“It is through your professionalism and knowledge that I now have the perfect addition to my home without the additional expense of concrete removal. I can assure you that I will be recommending your company to everyone.”

- Tammy from Raleigh, NC

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