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Winging it, with a guy and his truck vs.The Professionals

When it comes to hiring a concrete paver company you should consider 3 major factors.

The first is experience.. no one wants to be the experimental job for a company, trying to learn on the job. Accu-Brick has thousands of jobs under its’ belt and is ready to help you plan your next hardscape project. That being said, we have come across many complicated situations over the years that have made us the professionals we stand by today.

That leads me to the second factor to consider, and that is longevity. You want o make sure that the company you trust with your investment will be in business for the long haul. What may look like a job well done at first can quickly turn into a disaster in a year or two down the road if it is not installed properly. A truly good installer will not bat an eye at offering an extended warranty for installation which will allow your investment to be protected for a longer period of time. Accu-Brick provides a standard 5 year warranty with all installations and will offer up to a 25 year warranty in some cases.

The last factor to be considered is motivation for product selections. Has the contractor explored the industry enough to be able to offer you the most current hardscape options to paint the whole picture for you to achieve or exceed your project goals? At Accu-Brick, this is our specialty or “niche”, you might say. We strive to become the industry leader in product knowledge and think “biggest bang for your buck” theory when helping you plan your space.

As you have probably noticed, I have not mentioned price as a determining factor, and no I am not trying to avoid the all mighty dollar aspect, we just believe that the 3 factors discussed will allow the price to speak for itself.

The reason that Accu-Brick remains the leader in the industry is simple…loads of experience, a brand that is solid and pricing that is competitive and honest!