concrete to paver drive way

Why Not Concrete Or Asphalt?

First I want to say, “Why would you even do that”. Everyday I drive through all types of housing developments and wonder why anyone would have concrete or asphalt for a driveway. I see all the cracking and staining in concrete and all the splitting and breaking of asphalt. There is continuous maintenance and eventually repair or replacement of your driveway.

Interlocking pavers are maintenance free, crack free and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Not to mention the curb appeal and value that is added to your home, People ask us all the time, “ Why would I invest in pavers when I can have my new driveway done for less using asphalt or concrete”?. My answer to them is simple...With all the different colors and styles, you can customize your driveway to your tastes and when your driveway is completed it will look the same in 30 years as it does today, rather than you calling us again in 5 years, wishing you would have listened to us the first time around, when you decided to use an alternative driveway system!