paver overlay

What is a concrete paver overlay?

Many people get so used to looking at their old faded, cracked pool decks, patios and driveways that when considering a remodel of those areas, the thought of newer concrete actually makes them feel better…just like a band aid..and the idea of poring new concrete again will be just that..a band aid.

Through our experience we have had this conversation, one too many times and what we have learned is that the fear and costs associated with removing their existing surface is what keeps them from discovering other paving system options.

Unlike the band aid, the paver overlay paving option is a permanent and forever lasting remodeling solution that Accu-Brick has mastered over the years. In most cases, our motarless concrete paver system can be laid right on top of existing concrete or asphalt.

There are some factors however that may deem your situation not suitable for our motarless paver overlay paving system. They include, proper drainage, the condition of the existing surface and whether or not a 2-3 inch elevation change will affect the landscape of the property.

Once we have determined these factors are okay, you are on your way to saving money. How is that you ask? First, you save on not having the expense of removing your existing surface and second the base that is required for our traditional paver installs would not be needed, so additional savings are there also. In some cases, this type of savings could be in the thousands, which blows people’s minds!

overlay concrete

With that being said, given the nature of the paver overlay system, always keep in mind that the company that is deeming your job acceptable for an overlay has the experience to do so and is willing to warranty that type of installation.