paver sealer

What does Sealing my Pavers mean Anyway?

Even though your paver driveway or patio is maintenance free, sealing your pavers is an option that we recommend. Most sealers are topical and will wear off with time, which will give a discolored look in areas, however, the product that we use is specific to our company and there is nothing like it on the market.

The sealant will absorb into the paver providing protection against stains, helps with joint stabilization, keeps topical weeds from growing in the joints. and will enhance the natural color of your pavers. Pavers have a natural look to them after installation.

spraying paver sealer

When adding a sealer to the pavers it will give them a wet look that will change the appearance dramatically. Depending on the paver and the aesthetic look you want, we can vary the amount of sealer to give a look from a low gloss to an almost satin finish.