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A lot of times when talking to folks about paving systems, whether it's an outdoor living space, driveway or pool deck, the conversation will turn to the investment involved and return on that investment. People are simply, and rightfully curious if when deciding to go with pavers as their choice of paving system, are they going to get out of it in return, the little more they may invest over traditional concrete or asphalt choices.

The great thing about this type of conversation is that the facts are clear, and support interlocking paver systems.

Keeping this particular post tight and to the subject, we won't go down the long list of flaws associated with concrete and asphalt, but a few can be pointed out to make the point in maintenance, longevity and overall appeal for the conscientious home-owner.

Fact is, concrete cracks. It can actually crack a lot, and nothing is more unappealing in today's super competitive housing market than a damaged, discolored, patched runway leading to a home you've invested so much time and love into. Susan Feil of Parnegg Metro Coldwell Banker in Albuquerque, NM is quoted in The Wall Street Journal saying, "A driveway is a subtle indicator to the buyer of a home of how the property is maintained.". She goes on to explain she'd often implore the homeowner to repair concrete driveways before listing the property because, "It was cracked and gave the impression there was a structural problem with the land."

The Wall Street Journal also quotes Connecticut real-estate broker Carolyn Klemm, who mentions the cost of a driveway upgrade can be doubly recouped upon home resale. "It's like adding a screened porch or pool," she says. "If it costs you 10 (thousand), it will be worth 20 (thousand) to the next owner, because the appeal is greater and they don't have to go through the aggravation of putting it in."

Pavers give you the peace of mind you'll enjoy the same look and feeling of pride in investment you strive for when going down the path of improving, or creating your own unique escape or space.

Asphalt simply deteriorates at a high rate, and lives up to it's cost effectiveness as being cheap. When it comes to cheap asphalt, you get what you pay for.

A paver driveway, which has an almost limitless number of color patterns, shapes and designs, ensures the unique look your property deserves, and may need, in a situation where you want to stand out from your neighbors, or a potential home buyer's other choices.

From a maintenance standpoint, pavers will offer, by far, the smallest degree of effort over the long term. When and if a stain, break or crack occurs in a paver, the single, or few pavers can simply be lifted and replaced with matching pavers in minutes. No need to wait days or weeks for a contractor to arrange disruptive repairs that may, or may not look appealing when finished. So, pull the car right back in, get ready to dive back in that pool, or roll the grill back out, and don't cancel tonight's plans!

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