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Do-It-Yourself Concrete Pavers… Good Luck With That!

So you saw a paver project being done on HGTV last night and it’s got you thinking? Most likely the ideas that are floating through your head is it will be like putting tile down on the floor in your basement..right? Wrong..what you need to know and should heavily consider before tackling a concrete paver project is that the materials themselves are extremely heavy. Most pallets of pavers (approx 100 sqft) can weigh over 3000 pounds.

For example, a 500 sqft patio would involve lifting and carrying and carrying again, 15,000 pounds of concrete pavers, which does not include the 12,000 pounds of gravel and the 5000 pounds of bedding materials, needed to sit under the pavers. According to my calculations that weight is the equivalent to (2) contractor dump trucks carrying 2 African bush elephants in the back of them!

The problem with labor intensive jobs like this that people don’t understand, is that so much energy is spent on the grunt work of having to carry the materials, that the intricate and detailed part of the job usually suffers due to fatigue. The point here, is this…as long as you are training for the Iron Man and you have an extra week of vacation to burn, than this DYI project is custom fit for you!

My point really is that hiring the right team to execute the heavy work while focusing on the design and details is what you really should be spending your time doing. Fortunately for you, by reading this Blog, you have found the right team in Accu-Brick. Navigate the site and discover the years of experience our company has in executing these labor intensive projects.