2023's Top Paver Design Trends

As we approach the final months of 2023, it's time to take a look at the top paver design trends that transformed outdoor spaces this year. Accu-Brick Paving Systems, a leading provider of high-quality pavers in Greenville, SC, has been at the forefront of these design trends, which is why we’re here today to give you the inside scoop!

pavers in natural pattern

Natural and Organic Patterns

This year, we have seen a persistent demand for natural and organic patterns in paver designs. Accu-Brick has capitalized on this trend to bring you an extensive selection of pavers that mimic the look of natural materials such as stone and wood. As a result, our pavers can bring the beauty of nature to your outdoor spaces, providing a warm, inviting, and timeless aesthetic.

patio with mixed material pavers

Mixed Material Combos

Combining different materials has been another popular trend for 2023. Fortunately, we offer pavers that seamlessly integrate with other materials like grass, gravel, or even water features. These mixed material combinations create visually interesting and unique designs that add depth and character to your outdoor spaces.

paver stairs with bold orange colors

Bold and Vibrant Colors

2023 also saw the rise of bold and vibrant colors in paver designs. This is evident in our wide selection of pavers that come in multiple colors, from rich earth tones to vibrant blues and reds. These bold color options allow you to add personality and flair to your favorite outdoor spaces. Whether you want to make a statement with a colorful driveway or create a vibrant patio, Accu-Brick has the pavers to help you achieve your desired look.

patio made of large pavers

Large Format and Geometric Shapes

Large format pavers and geometric shapes emerged as a trend earlier this year, and they look like they will continue to be popular in 2024. These larger sizes and unique shapes create a contemporary and sophisticated look that can elevate the overall design of your outdoor spaces. If you’d like to see what they would like in your own yard, be sure to get in touch with our experienced paving contractors in Greenville, SC!

As we look ahead to the end of this year and the beginning of the next, Accu-Brick Paving Systems is ready to help you stay ahead of the curve with the latest paver design trends. No matter what design you’re drawn to, we have the experience and expertise to bring it to fruition. Contact us today and let your expert team assist you in selecting the perfect pavers for your Greenville property!

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